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This application process can be saved. You can go offline and return at a later time or day and resume the process. See guide



Thank you for your interest in a position at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. To streamline the application process we've established a new online application website that allows you to submit your application details online. This allows us to receive your application instantly and allows you to provide further details in those circumsatance where the supplied information is incomplete or unsuitable - we'll let you know.

Please take the time to review the Instruction guide on each page before you start entering information.

Note: An audition fee of $80 is payable on final submission of your application (credit card required).


To login to an existing application simply enter the email address and password you previously registered with and click the login button.


To start a new application click the register button and enter an email address and password. This email address and password can be used to login and complete your application if it is saved for completion at a later date/time.

Further help

If you require further assistance please contact the audition administration team on (03) 8644 8644.